Nissan plans to unveil an electric version of the iconic GT-R R32 model

Nissan plans to unveil an electric version of the iconic GT-R R32 model

Nissan is planning to electrify its iconic GT-R, and while the hybrid version is still in development, the company has revealed a surprising project in the form of a fully electric GT-R R32.

Nissan released a brief video on its social media platforms, displaying the backside of an R32 GT-R with the text “R32 EV” displayed on the screen. Furthermore, Nissan has launched a small website hinting that additional teasers will be unveiled shortly.

A Nissan engineer who was a fan of the R32 GT-R proposed the idea of an electrified version in a trendy restomod style. He wanted to combine his favorite car with the latest electrification technologies he was working on to create an even more thrilling vehicle.

At first glance, the idea may seem curious coming from a fan of the RB26 inline-6 engine that built the legend of the R32. However, the addition of the latest electrification technologies by a Nissan engineer could result in formidable pure performance. The dual-motor configuration found in the Ariya could suit the GT-R perfectly. The original R32 only had 280 hp, while the most powerful version of the Nissan Ariya boasts 394 hp. Nissan could even modify the two electric motors to produce more power and create a truly unforgettable electric show car.

Between 1989 and 1994, Nissan manufactured a total of 43,937 GT-R R32 units. Although purists may still feel regret for sacrificing one of these models, the Nissan GT-R R32 EV will remain a unique and singular model.