Advancing towards the Next Generation: Twin-Turbo Petrol V6 Power Boosts Nissan Patrol

new Nissan Patrol Infiniti QX80

The highly anticipated arrival of the next generation Nissan Patrol, the first in 13 years, is inching closer. According to reports, the new Infiniti QX80 luxury twin, expected to debut in the middle of next year, will be powered by a V6 engine.

The upcoming luxury counterpart to the next-generation Nissan Patrol ‘Y63’ 4×4 is scheduled to be released in 12 months, featuring a more potent twin-turbo petrol V6 engine instead of the V8. Additionally, the vehicle will undergo a comprehensive technological upgrade.

The exact arrival date for the Nissan Patrol twin has not been announced yet. However, based on previous reports, there is a possibility that it could be revealed either before the end of this year or in early next year.

According to Automotive News, dealers of Infiniti, Nissan’s luxury brand, have been informed that the new QX80, which is the luxury twin of the Nissan Patrol, is expected to arrive in US showrooms between June and August 2024. This timeline aligns with the release of other luxury counterparts in the industry, such as the Lexus LX being the luxury version of the Toyota LandCruiser.

Further confirming previous speculation, dealers have been informed that the QX80 will depart from its current 5.6-liter petrol V8, which is also used in Australia’s Patrol. Instead, it will adopt a more fuel-efficient twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine that delivers an impressive 450 horsepower (336kW). This marks a significant improvement over the outgoing petrol V8 in the current Patrol and QX80, which produces 298kW (400hp) and 560Nm of torque.

new Nissan Patrol Infiniti QX80

The upcoming QX80 is expected to have a price increase of nearly 40 percent compared to its predecessor. This means the base price could exceed $100,000 in the US market, surpassing the current $72,700 price tag. However, it remains uncertain if this pricing strategy will extend to the new Nissan Patrol. Additionally, it is unclear to what extent the advanced technology and luxury features planned for the Infiniti QX80, which justify the higher price, will be included in the Nissan model.

Recently captured spy photos of the upcoming QX80 reveal a more robust and boxy design, described by Automotive News as having “blocky proportions reminiscent of a Range Rover.” The vehicle showcases split headlights, a notable grille, and streamlined door handles. The report from Automotive News does not specify whether the new Nissan Patrol and Infiniti QX80 will be built on a completely new chassis or if they will update the existing decade-old platform.

According to reports, US dealers have been informed that the new Infiniti model will come equipped with height-adjustable air suspension, designed to facilitate easy entry and exit from the vehicle. This is expected to replace the current QX80 and Patrol’s Hydraulic Body Motion Control suspension system. Automotive News also reveals that the QX80 will boast a spacious “24-inch display” that extends across the entire dashboard, along with front and rear touchscreens dedicated to climate control functionalities.

According to dealers, the upcoming Infiniti model is said to offer spaciousness and seat comfort that is consistent across the second and third rows, matching the quality experienced by front-row passengers. The vehicle is also expected to showcase top-tier connectivity, safety features, and driver-assist technologies that befit a flagship luxury vehicle.

new Nissan Patrol Infiniti QX80

The outlet reports that the upcoming Infiniti model will feature in-cabin sensors capable of detecting occupants’ body temperature and automatically adjusting the air conditioning accordingly.

However, it is still uncertain to what extent the advanced technology found in the Infiniti, including the expansive 24-inch widescreen dashboard display, will be incorporated into the Nissan. Additionally, there is a possibility that certain upgrades may be limited to specific markets in order to manage costs effectively.

As an illustration, the left-hand-drive models of the Nissan Patrol, including the US variant known as the Nissan Armada, offer a contemporary interior equipped with features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. However, these technology options are not currently available on the right-hand-drive versions of the Nissan Patrol in Australia.

An earlier report, which has not been officially confirmed, suggested that the new Nissan Patrol might come with notable features such as a widescreen digital instrument cluster, adjustable ride height, an electronic gear selector, and a “smart sensor to open doors.” However, further details and official confirmation are still awaited.

Automotive News reports that the new Infiniti QX80 is scheduled to arrive in US showrooms between June and August 2024. Previously, there were indications that a QX80 ‘Monograph’ concept might be revealed this month, but no official information has been released so far.