Nissan patented the name for Infiniti electric cars New power units for Infiniti brand will be named I-Power

Japanese company Nissan has registered a trademark I-Power, which is likely to be used for the name of the power plants of premium brand Infiniti.

According to the publication CarBuzz, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has registered an application of the Japanese company Nissan for the trademark I-Power, which can be used for naming electric propulsion systems for passenger cars. Nissan has been using a system called E-Power for several years: it is a hybrid gasoline-electric powertrain with a sequential scheme of operation in which the wheels rotate the electric motor and the internal combustion engine is used only for generating power.

E-Power is used in Note, Serena and Kicks models, also a new generation of Qashqai crossover will receive it. The new technology called I-Power will obviously represent electric power units for Infiniti brand. Last summer the premium division of the Japanese automaker presented a new development strategy, which stated that the brand intends to completely switch to the platforms of the brand Nissan, and use its hybrid powertrains, having finalized them to increase power and reduce noise.