In Japan, Nissan introduces a subscription service for electric vehicles – a car can be rented for several years

Nissan Leaf

Nissan wants to offer Japanese drivers to rent electric vehicles for several years instead of buying them. This will solve the problem with lithium and other metals that are used in batteries.

The idea is to reduce sales of used electric vehicles abroad, in particular to Russia and New Zealand. As noted, one of the problems is that the machines of the Leaf series are exported abroad as used. Because of this, there are fewer cars left in Japan itself. This was stated by Yutaka Hori, President of 4R Energy. This company cooperates with Nissan and Sumitomo.

The fact is that prices for lithium and rare earth metals are rising, so it is planned to recycle used batteries in order to reduce dependence on international supplies. Analysts have already noted that the battery problem is nationwide in Japan.

In terms of rentals, Nissan will offer a monthly subscription model for drivers who want to rent cars for long periods of time. Note that this has already launched Toyota. Prices have not yet been announced, as well as other terms of the lease.

Note that Leaf has become very popular in Russia recently.